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Elsewhere in the blogosphere and in occasional essays in The Chronicle of Higher Education, I am known as Female Science Professor (FSP), but here in this new Scientopic blog collective, I am just a Science Professor. Why am I here? Is FSP over? Will I, as Science Professor without the extra adjective, stop writing about women-in-science issues? What will I do in this new space?

Why I am here. I don't really have a good answer to this, but some people I think I like, at least in a virtual way, asked me to be here, and I decided not to say no.

FSP yet lives. I will still mostly blog over in my little corner of Blogspot as FSP, but once in a while I will also be over here. I hope that is not too confusing, but I have a (sort of) plan (see below).

What about the missing F? As a simple Science Professor, I will write about the same things I write about as FSP. I dropped the F from SP here because, if this is really SCIENTOPIA, I should be able to be what I want to be: a Science Professor who happens to be female but who is not constantly reminded that she is a strange and exotic creature: a mid-career, female professor in a physical sciences field. In my personal utopian Scientopia, no one would ever introduce me before a talk as an excellent example of a "female scientist", no one would accuse me of getting a grant or award only because I am female, and I would be paid as much as my male peers (for example).

What I will do here in Scientopia. As FSP, I get a lot of e-mail from readers asking for advice. Although I don't answer all my e-mail, some I answer privately, and some I answer in the form of a blog post. I am rather erratic about answering e-mail, depending on what is going on in my real life and whether I get to the e-mail before it gets lost in my inbox. Here, as a Science Professor, I will try to answer more of my e-mail questions from readers, or at least pose questions and issues for discussion.

I already have a bit of a back-log of questions, but feel free to leave a comment or send your own if you are so inclined. For this I will still use my FSP e-mail:

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