Professors Behaving Badly

Jul 01 2011 Published by under interviewing

If you have an entertaining, disturbing, or otherwise interesting story to tell about an interview for a faculty position, please head over to FSP and leave a comment describing your experience. I apologize in advance for intermittent comment moderation in the near future, but I will get to all comments when I can (or you can leave a comment here).

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  • Jim Thomerson says:

    I interviewed, and decided, but did not say so, I did not want the job anyway. I never heard anything more from the department. I talked with a colleague some time later. He had been offered the job, and was going to have the offer in writing right away. But nothing happened for a couple of weeks. He had decided to accept the job, but did not want to resign his position before all was firm. He called and was told that a buddy of one of the faculty there had been offered, and had accepted, the job. That was the last he heard from the institution. This was in the mid -1970's.