I am a mid-career professor in a physical science field at a large research university in the US. I am married to another science professor and have a teenage daughter. I love my job, even when I don't.

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  • Sigi says:


    My name is Sigi Hale. I'm an assist. prof. at UCLA in psychiatry. My Ph.D. is in neuroscience (also from UCLA). Although my position is tenure track, that doesn't mean much around here and so I've been running the soft money rate race for quite some time. I've finally decided I have to do something to try and help nudge the system toward a more productive/fair design.

    Hence, I've recently completed a draft of a fairly lengthy analysis of the soft-money system (about 18K words). It addresses what's wrong, how we got here, and presents several ideas as to how it may be fixed. I am looking to obtain editing help for the manuscript (willing to pay). You seem to be in the thick of this discussion and so was wondering if you might be interested (or whether you knew someone).

    I was going to hire a professional editor, but I'm also considering that getting editorial comments/feedback from those directly interested in this topic may be most helpful. Please let me know if you have and ideas/thoughts on this matter.